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About Us

Do Something Good™ was started by a group of people who have each worked for and with non-profit organizations for over 20 years.

doctor2We understand what charities and non-profits need to do to do their work efficiently while also appreciating how difficult it can be for those of us who wish to help to find the best organizations doing the most good. After all, not everybody has the time to volunteer at our local soup kitchen, let alone go to a place like Haiti or Darfur when we see people suffering and want to help.

But through Do Something Good™, you  can make a real difference around the world or in your local community in seconds. Do Something Good™ categorizes the organizations based on their area of expertise and screens every organization listed to ensure that they are well run and will be conscientious with your hard-earned contributions. Just pick your favorites.

(Every organization listed either has a three star or better rating from Charity Navigator or has passed objective standards based on an amalgamation of guidelines established by a number of watchdog organizations including the Better Business Bureau’s Wise Giving Alliance).

And, while Do Something Good™ has expenses related to operating this phone app, we too are committed to operating responsibly and ensuring that as much of your donation as possible finds its way directly into the important work of the charities you have selected to support, so we’ve limited our fees to just $.99 per transaction.

Now, that is something to feel good about.


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So what exactly

Do We Do

We created this phone app so that we all could provide those organizations that are truly doing good work with support quickly, easily and cost effectively.


Do Something Good™ allows you to turn your emotions into actions! While laying in bed or walking along the street, when you see people suffering, animals being abused, or the environment in trouble now you can do something about it  with just a few taps on your phone.









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What You Can Do

Simply download the Do Something Good™ App, find your favorite causes or organizations and donate.  It’s easy and secure.


Do Something Good™ has partnered with Amazon and PayPal to ensure that when you make a donation your personal information is always safe and your donation gets to the organization immediately. Just use your existing Amazon or PayPal profile or create a new one. Lending your support to a favorite cause has never been this easy.










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Our Partners

Do Something Good™ helps you provide support to a growing list of the most important and highly rated charities and non-profit organizations in the country.

Current organizational partners include


With your help, this list of organizational partners will continue to grow. If the organization you want to support is not listed, let us know who they are in the box below and we’ll immediately contact them on your behalf to urge them to list themselves with Do Something Good™.





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Meet the Team




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6715 Sunset Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA

(888) 473 3313



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Inspirational Video of the Day

We found this great video and wanted to share it with everyone. Enjoy! If you care about penguins, rainforests, sunflowers, waterfalls or meerkats and want to know when your help is needed, look no further. Do Something Good allows you to support what you care about when it matters most. Don’t wait for something to happen […]

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Q. What is Do Something Good?

A. Do Something Good is a free mobile phone app offering people the opportunity to turn their compassion and empathy into positive action instantly.  At Do something Good you can elect to support any of the important non-profit and charitable institutions listed safely and securely.  As long as you have your phone with you, through Do Something Good you can provide support whenever events move you to act.  And that is something you can feel good about.


Q.  I don’t see the organization I’d like to support listed?

A.  Go back to the organizational categories and review all of the listings.  If you still don’t see the organization listed, let us know who they are on the form available through the app and we’ll do everything we can to get them listed.


Q. Can I still make a gift through Do Something Good if I don’t have an Amazon or Paypal account?

A. You will need to create an account at Amazon and/or PayPal to contribute through Do Something Good but once you create an account by following the new account instructions at Amazon and/or PayPal, you will not have to do so again no matter how often you elect to contribute.


Q. Can I bypass Do Something Good and just give directly to the charity of my choice?

A. Absolutely.  Do Something Good is designed to make giving to multiple organizations easy, safe and immediate but our primary objective is to help non-profits who are doing good work receive the support they need to positively impact on the world.   So, if you would rather mail a check directly to the charity of your choice or find them on-line and give through their website, please do so!


Q. I made a recurring contribution, which I would now like to cancel. 

A. In order to cancel any automatically recurring contribution you can contact the organization to which you made the gift and ask them to cancel your recurring gift or you may simply go to the App, where you can locate any recurring gifts you have made and select the ones you wish to cancel .  If you have any problems, or if it’s easier you may also send us an e-mail directly by clicking on the ‘support” at the bottom of this website and let us know what exactly you would like us to do.


Q. I tried to download the app, but it’s not working.

A. Most likely your connection to the internet was not strong enough.  Try again from another location or using a Wi-Fi connection.


Q. Why is there a time delay when the app connects to Amazon /Paypal?

A. By partnering with Amazon and Paypal we are able to ensure your transaction is securely processed and your personal information is completely safe and protected.  However, connecting to these established processing companies, can take a minute or two.  Your contribution means a great deal to the organizations you choose to contribute and the security of your personal information means a great deal to us so we hope you will be patient.  Changing the world sometimes takes few seconds.



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